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    American pride, guys.

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    Shhh, we're sleeping

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    Stop masterbaiting to pictograms

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    The only thing that motivates me to live is the hope that one day I will still have an orgy with Ferenc, Sayuri Mattar and Dyh Murder.

    I swear to god: on the day that happens, you will have news in your country’s newspapers of the appearance of the first pregnant man in human history. And I will be the father.

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    You won't do shit, retard

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    Shut up, monkey.

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    Go back

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    Urusei macaco-chan

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    i own this website now
    sorry portugese and brazil ptchan is mine
    Clica aqui para ver.4 respostas e 1 imagem

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    1586130636272.png  (148,25 KB, 410x598) ImgOps

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    1586131213896.png  (484,34 KB, 569x802) ImgOps

    thank you, that is all.
    im out

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    Keep seething, pt-br is the norm across the GLOBE.
    Also I just downloaded a cracked game, there was a pt-br setup but no moortuguese and the game itself only offered our dialect (both subtitle and dubbed). Besides pt-pt is ugly, if wasn't for us the portuguese would be only a cancro euro language spoken by who-know people. Our dialect is more popular even in Europe lmao

     /#/ 3693

    I'd prefer to speak a dead language than a monkey language.

     /#/ 3694

    Yeah, but now deal with it, we took over iberian boy.

    1586098212560.jpg  (240,44 KB, 1280x1024) ImgOps

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    The map of the World Peace.

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    1586098519044.jpg  (742,02 KB, 1270x1920) ImgOps

    based my countryman

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    our board now

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    incredibly based

    1586119456256.jpg  (30,36 KB, 700x525) ImgOps

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    Pls Coronavirus get Maduro, Netanyahu, Bolsonaro, Trump, Daniel Ortega, Eva Morales, Raul Castro, any far left and far right leaders around the world I beg to god Mãos dadas

     /#/ 3673

    Based, fuck (extreme) wingcucks.

     /#/ 3674

    Trudeau too

     /#/ 3676

    Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks.

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    1586128402240.jpg  (126,81 KB, 1024x768) ImgOps

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    1586135240007.png  (343,48 KB, 568x492) ImgOps

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    Stop right there and bring me your finest med qts

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    1586136407841.jpg  (Spoiler, 61,13 KB, 840x951) ImgOps

    Outside of the pillers of Hercules and thus nordic atlantic, cope.
    This Joana proves it.

    1586115021906.mp4  (2,37 MB, 640x640) ImgOps

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    This is Cathy Bulgakova, a Ukrainian model who was born with really big butt cheeks. It's not photoshop, they really are that big.

    Beautiful or disturbing?
    Clica aqui para ver.5 respostas

     /#/ 3668

    There doesn't seem to be anything extraordinary about Bulgakova. I guess OP just wanted to coompost.

    She's a twerking instructor, apperently. So yes, she could learn to dance.

     /#/ 3669

    >really big butt cheeks

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    1586117102331.png  (68,62 KB, 625x626) ImgOps

     /#/ 3675

    >Beautiful or disturbing?
    It's disturbing that a quasi white woman would behave like the dumbest of the negroes and record herself in underwear acting like a toddler for you to masturbate to. Hidden.

     /#/ 3686

    If Cathy had been born with big cheeks she would be Cathy Bulkagova.

    1585063274740.jpg  (458,98 KB, 2024x2000) ImgOps

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    I'm southern.

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    1585771414326.png  (469,5 KB, 869x1112) ImgOps

    I'm so sorry!

     /#/ 3601

    That means you do not belong there. Go bek to G*rmoney and live the black man in piece in his homieland

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    1586094985159.webm  (264,27 KB, 460x816) ImgOps

    Is ti possible to see a poster map here?

     /#/ 3661

    >São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro

    1585773314733.gif  (42,19 KB, 400x210) ImgOps

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    Clica aqui para ver.38 respostas e 10 imagens

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    Jesus died for someobody's sins but not mine.

     /#/ 3651

    Then you really shouldn't sin. I hope you're going to get yourself baptized soon and get that piece of skin bitten off by an elderly long nosed and educated avô.

     /#/ 3652

    Do you advise me to bring forth and relinquish my prepucio so that i can part take in the rituals of vrill ilumination?

     /#/ 3657

    The satanic secrets of vril are for white people with barbarian penises only. You need Jesus.

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    1586050404163-1.png  (859,86 KB, 1073x808) ImgOps

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    In Hungary is now illegal to transition. Orban issued a decree stating that anyone who transitions will be arrested.

    The time has come. Either we save Ferenc now or we will never taste his boipucci.

     /#/ 3645

    hungry is based

     /#/ 3646

    Austro-Prussian War of 1866.


     /#/ 3650

    If I understand correctly, the law does not conern actual transitioning but mutilation of the body. Can hungers still transition into higher states of consciousness and between different dimensions? If yes, nothing of worth has been lost, in fact, by limiting the focus people put on their own bodies, they can now redirect their attention to their minds and souls and to exploring the worlds beyond this prison of matter and their very own prison of flesh.

    1586057066456.jpg  (500,08 KB, 1536x2048) ImgOps

     /#/ 3648Responder

    Holy shit, I love Argentine women so much.

    They tend to come here a lot in the place where I live (Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro): they tend to be white, very white (I never saw a brown Argentine, despite the cancros), 85% are of Italian descent, 100% are beautiful.

    Argentines like Brazilians like the blonde girls who participate in Blacked.com like black guys. It's jungle fever full of monkeys.

    I already had two Argentine trannies girlfriends.

     /#/ 3649

    >they tend to be white, very white
    >85% are of Italian descent
    There is something wrong with your description of Argentinian women.
    Regardless, welcome to our small board. /int/ without an Australian shitposter can't be called /int/.

    1561524389462.jpg  (97,27 KB, 599x600) ImgOps

     /#/ 2278Responder

    >qts like this will literally go extinct if poortugueses don't have sex
    Clica aqui para ver.43 respostas e 10 imagens

     /#/ 3505

    Yeah, I was just watching some of her videos at the time, that accent is what attracted me the most
    And then started spamming worship threads about her and other portuguese women, but most of you tugas didn't even know she exists. I first saw her on 55chan (RIP) in 2018

     /#/ 3506

    You did well. I didn't know her before seeing these threads either. Now I feel like I've found meaning in my life, I have something to strive for, there's something for me to achieve. After betraying 2D 2 years ago I fell in absolute darkness. When we turn our backs to a 2D waifu, the waifu turns her back to us too, just like God does. But 3D is still there for us. Sure, it is not the same thing, but it is something. I now know there's an Inês somewhere, out there, waiting for me. One day I will meet my own Inês and I'll put her inside a potato bag. As a matter of fact, I should leave this place now and go out in the real world to search for her.

    Sorte: O teu clube não vai ganhar o campeonato

     /#/ 3575

    That's absolutelly beautiful.

     /#/ 3576

    >Portuguese humor

     /#/ 3634


    Where? link me my med brother

    1585072083152.mp4  (2,05 MB, 640x800) ImgOps

     /#/ 3580Responder

    Argentina > Brazil

     /#/ 3594

    1585771590961-0.jpg  (220,71 KB, 1280x960) ImgOps

    1585771590961-1.jpg  (375,3 KB, 936x844) ImgOps


     /#/ 3615

    >the son of the elected president of Argentina makes dreams cum true
    >the son of the [?] president of Brazil makes nightmares come true
    Notice how your cancro does not explain how mister Resfriadinho became the president because it was an extreme right wing coup. Fuck fascism!

     /#/ 3617

    1585787949954.png  (308,97 KB, 412x550) ImgOps

     /#/ 3620

    Nah, we are based, they are just cringelords white wannabes

    1575294362277.jpg  (6,55 KB, 324x156) ImgOps

     /#/ 3413Responder

    Universidade de Cuimbra - always rice nas cantinas
    Clica aqui para ver.7 respostas e 1 imagem

     /#/ 3559

    Is this shit really real?

     /#/ 3560


     /#/ 3563

    Day 9, floor 7, 10 hours. I pay a snack to the first person who says the phrase "agora comia um danone" in front of the elevators on the side of the external urology consultations. I'll be there.

    Sorte: Evita pisar junções da calçada

     /#/ 3577

    Need moar on her.
    What's her name?

     /#/ 3591

    Maria Silva

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